Omega Cabinetry

Dreaming of indulgent opulence, exclusively designed for you? Or maybe a balance of modern and casual, expertly crafted and naturally elegant. Whether you are looking for semi-custom cabinetry or a true custom cabinet experience, Omega creates a lasting first impression, meant to last a lifetime.

Pinnacle Series

Taking your vision and turning it into reality is what our Pinnacle Series does best. Whether creating a door, sourcing a specie or fine-tuning a finish, our Pinnacle Series is your authority for artisan craftsmanship built to exacting specifications. Pinnacle features over 128 modifications plus custom quoting for your perfect project. Want more color in your life? Consider Pinnacle your go-to for the ultimate in custom cabinet finishes.

Dynasty Series

Our Dynasty Series offers much more than meets the eye. At first glance, you’ll find us attractive, but let your look linger a little longer. With over 40 modifications AND the ability to move to Pinnacle for custom cabinetry pieces — you’re sure to find what you’re looking for in a semi-custom cabinet. Dynasty also affords a fabulous cabinet paint color program, bringing the availability of every national paint manufacturer to you — adding fascinating coloration to your rooms. Make your dreams come true with Dynasty.

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Full Access (Frameless) Cabinets

A sleek look and more interior storage are two reasons why Full Access (or Frameless) cabinets might be the right choice for you! While almost every door is available for Full Access cabinet construction, you’ll find a broader range of on-trend, up-to-the minute materials and door styles available, that pair perfectly with your modern design mantra. A full complement of door styles plus the addition of modern material options pair with Full Access construction for a sleek look. Enjoy over 40 modifications and custom quoting.

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