We Provide 100% of Your Lumber Needs

Triangle stocks dimensional framing lumber predominantly in Kiln Dried Douglas Fir, the strongest and most stable species on the market. The quality of this lumber is #2 or better from 8’ up to 32’ making Triangle the top choice for selection dependable framing lumber.
For years carpenters wasted thousands of board feet of lumber cutting small lengths from eight-foot and ten-foot studs so that framed walls would result in finished ceiling heights of eight feet or 10 feet. Triangle offers pre-cut studs in lengths of 92 5/8 in., 104 5/8 in. and 116 5/8 in, which eliminate the step of cutting the studs, while helping to save trees. We will even “custom cut” special trims which may be required in quantity in today luxury housing with 11’ ceilings and higher.

Weather and the constant forces of nature are wood’s worst enemies. Triangle carries a complete line of pressure-treated wood products including posts, framing lumber, decking and railing for a deck that can withstand the elements for decades. Triangle stocks top-grade pressure-treated decking in either 5/4-in. or 2-in. thicknesses up to 12 in. wide in a variety of lengths. Always make sure the fasteners you choose when working with pressure-treated wood are specified for that purpose. Triangle carries a complete line of fasteners.

Osmose® MicroPro™
 MicroPro™ technology is a revolutionary way to pressure treat wood for decks, fences, landscaping, and general construction uses. MicroPro technology offers many benefits, including significantly improved corrosion performance. MicroPro/Smart-Sense® pressure treated wood with MicroPro technology exhibits corrosion rates on metal products similar to CCA pressure treated wood and untreated wood. MicroPro/Smart-Sense products, as described in the ICC Evaluation Services, Inc. ESR – 1980, meet all major model building code.