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Situated on ten acres, Triangle’s extensive facilities in the middle of Long Island, can support 100% of your lumber needs. Annually we deliver over 50 million board feet of lumber to the marketplace in the Tri-State area. Triangle provides dimensional lumber, plywood and Engineered Wood Products  (EWP) at competitive prices. 

Triangle stocks dimensional framing lumber predominantly kiln dried high quality Douglas Fir and S-P-F two of the strongest and most stable species on the market. The quality of this lumber is #2 or better from 8’ up to 32’ making Triangle the top choice for selection of dependable framing lumber.

Triangle offers pre-cut studs in lengths of 92 5/8 in., 104 5/8 in. and 116 5/8 in, with the ability to pre-cut custom lengths as per your project specifications.


Lumber Options That We Sell

Weather and the constant forces of nature are wood’s worst enemies. Triangle carries a complete line of pressure and fire treated wood products including posts, framing lumber, decking and railings. 

Triangle Building Products supplies many engineered wood products for use in property development projects at varying widths and lengths. These include:

  • I Joists

  • LVL

  • Power Beams

  • Structural  Posts

  • Glulams

Triangle Building Products Truck ready to deliver product

Triangle stocks top-grade pressure-treated decking in either 5/4-in. or 2-in. thicknesses up to 12 in. wide in a variety of lengths. Check  our decking page. Always make sure the fasteners you choose when working with pressure-treated wood are specified for that purpose. We carry Simpson joist hardware for assembling lumber structures such as pergolas and decks.

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For roofing and siding needs we supply cedar wood shingles, as well as NuCedar shingles. Shingle roofed houses are a common sight on Long Island & the Hamptons, and we can provide you with the shingle bundles you need for your projects. Just let us know what you need.

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