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About Us

Bruce wanted to re-establish a business on Long Island, and so in 1993 re-purchased the original Medford location and created Triangle Building Products Corp to cater to the construction needs of major developers in the Long Island and New York area. Triangle Building Products Corp has grown to become the only manufacturer of construction components on Long Island. We work with developers and contractors to provide custom manufactured  wood floor trusses, wall panels and roof trusses. The company remains the only truss plant and pre-fabricated wall panel manufacturer in the metropolitan New York area.


Triangle Pacific Corp (TPC) was started in the 1970's, by the founder Abe Meltzer, and the father of the current CEO of Triangle Building Products, Bruce Meltzer. TPC went on to expand to 17 lumber yards on the east coast, 3 sawmills on the west coast, and became a manufacturer of kitchen cabinets and wood flooring. It was listed on the NYSE before being acquired by Armstrong World Industries. 

Bruce Meltzer



"Triangle Building Products is leading the way as the builders and consumers preferred choice in the multi-family construction industry.  It is paramount that our company constantly maintain an excellent reputation with our community, neighbors, customers and suppliers.  We are proud of our reputation and feel strongly that our continued success can only be achieved through the dedication of our employees and the leadership of our supervisory staff.  With this team effort we can feel confident that our tradition of excellence will continue and that our mission will be realized."

Floor components manufactured by Triangle Building Products NY


Bruce Meltzer


Thomas Flaherty

Executive Vice President

Mark Vulaj

Chief Financial Officer


We have a wonderful team of professionals to help the construction industry from the Hamptons to NYC.

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